HIT is a cooperative venture made up of a wide range on organisations that are active in the area of labour and migration. This collaboration results in more than the individual organisations can realise on their own. The bundling of networks, knowledge and resources makes HIT a strong partner in innovation and in lobbying national and European government authorities.


The board of directors is made up of social partners and government representatives in the province of Limburg. Each partner, from its own perspective, has an interest in innovation and policy development with respect to migration and labour.

Board members

  • Chamber of Commerce of Limburg | Wil Houben, Director (chairman)
  • Province of Limburg | Hans Bosch, Member of Provincial Parliament
  • Dutch Trade Union Federation (FNV) | Piet Goebbels, Regional Director

The board of directors defines the mission and strategy, and based on this, determines the focus of HITs activities. It links its own organisations as well as external partners to the project. The board meets six times per year to discuss the progress of the projects and establish the administrative actions. Attention is paid to vision development at least once a year. Mission and strategy are then reassessed based on societal developments.


On a project basis, HIT works closely together with a wide range of stakeholders and experts. This includes various government agencies and nongovernmental organisations in the area of migration, development and labour; education and reintegration institutions; the business community and the academic world.

Project management

HIT projects are implemented by a small project team in close collaboration with organisations in the field. The project group advises the board of directors, acquires additional funding, hires subcontractors and links the executing parties with each other. The project team is is financially accountable to the directors and the co-financiers.