Innovating in practice

HIT looks for individual solutions that can then be standardised as input for implementation and policy.
For HIT Foundation, the individual is at the centre of the search for solutions to the migration issue. This means by definition that innovation must be realised based on practical experience in order to learn lessons that are relevant to individual migrants, to other people in society and to social partners and (local) government authorities.


HIT does not limit itself to the standard channels, but makes direct (new) contacts, cutting through existing structures and conventions.
For each case, connections are made with other organisations, government bodies and (knowledge) institutions that pursue similar objectives. Experience teaches that the best results can be obtained by increased cooperation between chain members who work for specific target groups.

Dissemination & mainstreaming

HIT mediates and enables in the area of knowledge and contacts.
An important part of all HIT projects is disseminating the lessons learned to existing organisations and the people who are responsible for implementation, such as the headmaster of a school, the alien registration office, the specialist teacher and the language teacher, the case manager, the employer, the MEP, the social services department and the reception committee in the country of origin.