Limburg Searches the Future

by HIT Foundation on 13/12/2011

Early November 2011, 52 engaged professionals from Southern Limburg met for two days in Kasteel Vaalsbroek. A multifaceted group, from directors and artists to entrepreneurs and politicians and, the ‘creative class’, young men and women who can make the difference for the future of Limburg. Together they examined how they can accelerate the socio-economic developments in South Limburg, with Brainport 2020 as the engine. The result: seven shared future visions for the region in 2020. Seven attainable ideals which these 52 initiators believe can become reality. Seven missions to which they have committed themselves by formulating concrete actions and based on the belief that these can only be realized by joining forces across sectors and disciplines.

The Nightingales Future Search is an initiative of HIT Foundation in collaboration with Perspectivity Foundation and co-funded by the Province of Limburg. Nightingales bring diverse stakeholders in the Limburg socioeconomic system together to discover where they can reinforce each other and instigate shared actions to strengthen the socioeconomic development of the region.

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