MRM Conference in European Parliament

by HIT Foundation on 25/02/2014

MRM conferenceMore than 70 experts from all over Europe attended the Monitoring of Returned Minors (MRM) Conference in Brussels last week. They discussed the need for independent monitoring and evaluation to meet the demands of the Childs Rights Convention, ratified by all EU member states and learned about the new monitoring model developed by HIT Foundation in close collaboration with Nidos, Micado Migration and the University of Groningen.

“Independent, systematic, methodology based monitoring of returned minors enables better decisions making and assistance for individual children. And first and foremost, it leads to return policies that are better tuned towards the needs of returning minors.”

The conference took place in the European Parliament on invitation of Jean Lambert, member of parliament for the Green Party. Marc Dullaert, the Netherlands Children’s Rights Commissioner, stressed the need to know how children are doing. Frans Bastiaens, director of HIT Foundation and MRM initiator, explained the goals of the project, set up with funding from the European Return Fund, and how it came about.

Prof.Dr.Mr. Margrite Kalverboer, University of Groningen elaborated on the model and presented the main research results. These were illustrated with an example from the field by Shami Shartrolli from the Kosovo Health Foundation, who conducted the interviews with the children together with other local researchers in Kosovo and Albania.

The panel then shared their perspectives on the value of this independent monitoring tool:

  • Manfred Hähnel, European Commission
  • Tin Verstegen, Nidos Foundation
  • Margrite Kalverboer, University of Groningen
  • Verena Knaus, UNICEF Brussels
  • Dirk van den Boom, Micado Migration


Read more about the MRM research project.

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