Final Report: Monitoring Returned Minors

by HIT Foundation on 22/06/2014

HIT Foundation has published a newspaper report on the Monitoring Returned Minors research project. This Migrant is an easy to read newspaper that gives a clear insight in: Why we need independent monitoring. The methodology developed in collaboration with the University of Groningen and based on the Child Rights Convention. How to start monitoring. Examples [...]

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MRM Conference in European Parliament

by HIT Foundation on 25/02/2014

More than 70 experts from all over Europe attended the Monitoring of Returned Minors (MRM) Conference in Brussels last week. They discussed the need for independent monitoring and evaluation to meet the demands of the Childs Rights Convention, ratified by all EU member states and learned about the new monitoring model developed by HIT Foundation [...]

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MRM team visits Kosovo and Albania

May 1, 2013

Last week HIT went to Kosovo and Albania to work on the Monitoring of Returned Minors (MRM) project. During three full days the team discussed progress with its local and other European project partners. It also made new connections to advance the project. An intense and fruitful visit. The main purpose of the visit was to [...]

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Research Assistance in Kosovo

March 8, 2013

The offers received for the Monitoring of Returned tender coordinated by HIT Foundation have been thoroughly studied and carefully evaluated based on the criteria set out in the tender. The contract has been awarded to a collaboration of two organisations: The Employment Promotion Agency in Kosovo (APPK) Kosovo Health Foundation (KHF). They will conduct research [...]

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Tender: research assistance for Monitoring of Returned Minors

December 17, 2012

The Monitoring of Returned Minors (MRM) project intends to contribute to more sustainable and safer return of minors. The project aims to develop a monitoring model for return of unaccompanied minors, based upon the best interest of the child criteria (UN Convention of the Rights of the Child). In addition, the project will intervene in [...]

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New blog on labour migration

July 6, 2012

HIT Foundation recently launched a blog on labour migration from outside the EU. With this blog we want to contribute to an informed public dialogue on labor migration by bringing together current facts, figures and informed opinions. The blog is published in the Dutch language and aimed at policymakers, politicians, professionals, labour migrants and anyone [...]

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We (don’t) need labour migrants

December 16, 2011

Migration triggers heated emotions. Some say we desperately need (more) labour migrants to meet the demographic challenges we are bound to face in the years ahead. Others argue that labour migrants take ‘our’ jobs and threaten Europe’s national welfare states. All these conflicting perspectives obstruct the development of sensible labour migration policies. ‘The Labour Migrant [...]

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Limburg Searches the Future

December 13, 2011

Early November 2011, 52 engaged professionals from Southern Limburg met for two days in Kasteel Vaalsbroek. A multifaceted group, from directors and artists to entrepreneurs and politicians and, the ‘creative class’, young men and women who can make the difference for the future of Limburg. Together they examined how they can accelerate the socio-economic developments [...]

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Sensible Labour Migration Policies

November 11, 2011

Blue Birds, the pilot for circular migration, demonstrated the need for sensible labour migration policies: policies that have the potential to lead to development as opposed to development policies that lead to labour migration. The main challenge is how to get there. One problem is the fact that the definition of ʻsensibleʼ depends on oneʼs [...]

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Pilot terminated prematurely

July 1, 2011

On June 1 the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, decided to prematurely terminate the pilot circular migration Blue Birds. The pilot is stopped because there is insufficient support to resolve complications in the implementation. As administrator of the pilot HIT Foundation regrets that this unique and innovative research project is discontinued prematurely. The opportunity to [...]

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