Pilot terminated prematurely

by HIT Foundation on 01/07/2011

On June 1 the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, decided to prematurely terminate the pilot circular migration Blue Birds. The pilot is stopped because there is insufficient support to resolve complications in the implementation.

As administrator of the pilot HIT Foundation regrets that this unique and innovative research project is discontinued prematurely. The opportunity to make serious and necessary progress in the field of (labour) migration is seriously undermined through this decision.

Currently, HIT Foundation is working in close consultation with the ministry to properly finalize all pending matters relating to the pilot. This concerns both current procedures with migrants and employers, the financial settlement and the final report. Although the pilot was discontinued prematurely, there are important lessons learned that can serve as input for new actions in the future.

Because migration is one of the major social issues in the coming years, HIT is investigating, together with stakeholders in the field, how the issue can be kept on the agenda. In the interests of the Netherlands (and Europe), where in just a few years we’ll have a shortage of skilled labor, and in the interests of migrants and the countries they come from.

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