ADEONA Return Knowledge Bank

Every (ex) asylum seeker who considers returning to the country of origin, has questions and dilemmas he (or she) cannot solve alone. Adeona*, the interactive knowledge bank on return, was set up to support asylum seekers and counsellors exploring a future back home.

*Adeona is a Roman goddess who was invoked whenever one wanted to return home after a long trip. Adeona ensured a safe return home.

A future back home

The interactive database provided information and advice on future opportunities in the countries of origin and on obstacles that can stand in the way of repatriation. Counsellors and asylum seekers could ask online questions concerning individual return issues. Adeona’s staff also gave individual advice on how to draw up and implement a future action plan.

The database was set up and managed by HIT Foundation. The back office worked closely together with an extensive network of organisations and partners in the field. In 2008 Adeona’s activities were integrated into the new Helpdesk set up by the Central Agency for the reception of Asylum seekers (COA).