Socioeonomic System Model

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How does creativity arises in society? Why do higher educated people leave the region? Is there confidence in the future?

Nightingales uncovered the socio-economic system that drives welfare and prosperity in the Limburg region. The model shows that the success of the region depends on a complex interplay of factors that are mutually interdependent. The system runs up or down, depending on system interventions and external influences.

Systemic thinking for the future

Various individuals and organizations in Limburg are in control of the ‘buttons’ in the system. Without necessarily realizing it, they all work on the same project. This can lead to fragmented policies that affect the long term negatively. If you accept the systemic behavior, the need for teamwork becomes obvious. With one common goal: ensuring that all activities contribute to the positive spiral of the region.

Download ‘the Nightingale’ to read more on how the system model works.