TOP Return Project

The Return Development Project (TOP) explored new ways to support (ex) asylum seekers to return successfully to their country of origin. Successful meaning well prepared, with concrete opportunities in the labour market and good reintegration into the local society.

The TOP-project ran from January 2005 through December 2007 and was financed under ESF Equal II.


  • Support 320 people in their preparations for return – of which 25% actually return – and implement the right preconditions for return to three countries;
  • Develop concrete tools that support case managers in guiding those who return; among others, a profile of a case manager / counsellor who deals with repatriation; overview of the information needs of case managers or counsellors in the Netherlands; database with repatriation information in the area of work, housing and safety; supporting measures in the Netherlands and in the countries of origin that contribute to the opportunities of those who return in actually finding employment or starting their own company (training, financial support, used materials, removal of practical obstacles and the like);
  • Bring together operational and strategic key players in the Netherlands, other European member states and counterparts in a number of selected countries being returned to;
  • Development of a shared vision on return.