Return Methodology

The asylum procedure has some rough edges for individual migrants. It is a period full of uncertainty. The case and chain management methodology developed under TOP helps the asylum seeker prepare for a new future.

Case and chain management (CCM) is an advisory and supervisory methodology that supports asylum seekers in the asylum process; from arrival in Europe up to and including sustainable reintegration in the country of origin. Because every asylum seeker is different, the method tailors to individual needs. The focus is on eliminating psychological and practical obstacles to constructing a new future. The asylum seeker and his supervisor work side by side. Together, they develop a realistic view of the future, examine future options and opportunities, and undertake action to realise these.

Tools & training

Guiding those returning is a challenging task. It demands extensive knowledge of the country being returned to and associated topics, as well as professional counselling skills. Within the scheme of the project, various activities and tools have been developed to support asylum seekers and their counsellors, including:

  • Adeona knowledge bank
  • Collegial consultation and individual coaching method
  • X-plore, awareness raising campaign targeted at asylum seekers
  • WereldTools and WereldWerk, occupation focused training
  • Angola Conexcao, local support in the country of origin

Download ‘the Migrant’ to read more about these tools and training methods.