WIN Goal

Develop an innovative methodology for the successful integration of migrants in society and in the labour market. The new methodology should also contribute, both in numbers and in quality, to fighting discrimination in the labour market and to integration in society.

The essence

  • A complete programme lasting no more than one year in which the common thread is the fact that naturalisation and integration in the labour market go hand in hand with the prospect of work and the naturalisation diploma for existing migrants and newcomers in North Brabant and Limburg.
  • Guidance by professional case managers of existing migrants and newcomers. Case managers are responsible for facilitating the transition from one organisation in the chain to another, among others by compiling a sound dossier and having the skills and knowledge to lower barriers and to effectively react to and solve possible problems and fears among their clients.
  • Stimulating a clear chain of organisations that can offer specific and essential services to promote the integration of existing migrants and newcomers in the area of training and access to the labour market.


  • 400 people participate in the project, 100 of which will obtain a permanent position;
  • A combination of naturalisation and reintegration programmes in the central relief agency and the municipalities of Maastricht, Heerlen and Venlo;
  • Regional outplacement from the central relief agency to municipalities in Limburg and Brabant;
  • A system for transferring a dossier from the central relief agency to the municipalities;
    (International) network of chain partners;
  • A transferable description of the methodology, usable for multiple target groups.