Sensible Labour Migration Policies

by HIT Foundation on 11/11/2011

Final report Pilot Circular Migration

Blue Birds, the pilot for circular migration, demonstrated the need for sensible labour migration policies: policies that have the potential to lead to development as opposed to development policies that lead to labour migration. The main challenge is how to get there.

One problem is the fact that the definition of ʻsensibleʼ depends on oneʼs perspective. Employers, migrants, politicians and citizens in both receiving and sending countries hold diametrically opposed opinions. This applies particularly in the case of uneducated and skilled labour migrants (as supposed to higher educated professionals). Future research must show whether it is possible to reduce tension between the views of the various stakeholders.

Lessons & recommendations
The final report: “Towards sensible labour migration policies”, shares the lessons of the Dutch pilot on circular migration and offers a perspective on how to move towards creating sensible labour migration policies.

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